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    Performance of Air Box Pulse Dust Collector

    Feb. 28, 2020

    The air box pulse dust collector is a dust removal equipment that we have always trusted, and the product has superior performance in many aspects. Let PPC Air Box Pulse Dust Collector Supplier introduce us in detail.


    1.  It can effectively remove the exhaust gas. There are many types of odors that can be removed by the purification equipment. Not only can it remove volatile substances, but also some inorganic substances and gases such as ammonia. Purification efficiency can reach more than ninety-nine percent.


    2. It does not need to add any additives; we only need to place the air box pulse dust collector in the corresponding position and perform the corresponding ranking pipeline and exhaust power. The malodorous gas is decomposed and purified by the equipment, and no chemical reaction is required Easy to use.


    3. It is strong adaptability; Air Box Pulse Bag Type Dust can adapt to high-concentration, large-volume waste disposal. It can work continuously 24 hours a day, with high efficiency and stable performance.


    4. The equipment operation cost is low; during the operation of the equipment, there will be no noise and no mechanical movements. At the same time, no special person is required to manage it. We only need to perform routine maintenance and inspection.


    It is precise because of these characteristics of the air box pulse dust collector that it will be recognized by the majority of consumers.


    We all know that mining, metallurgy, various mechanical processing, and other industries will produce a variety of dust. However, in order to filter the dust, then you can choose a high-quality air box pulse dust collector. After all, it can filter cement, fly ash and other fine dust.


    However, at this time, an advanced air box pulse dust collector is used, and the effect is obvious. After all, pulses are used as the motive force to perform dust collection. The dust trajectory is effectively collected, so the advantages of the air box pulse dust collector will be more obvious. Of course, it is also unanimously recognized by customers.


    The air box pulse dust collector is also one of the Bag Type Dust Collector, which can bring very good advantages. Its application range is very wide. Air box pulse bag filter can be widely used in building materials, cement, metallurgy, machinery, chemical and refractory industries, especially for crushing, drying, coal grinding, powder selection, packaging, storage roof, clinker cooling in cement plants machine or dust removal system; also suitable for coal mill dust collection, but to add fire prevention and explosion protection measures, the structure of the dust collector must be changed accordingly; it can also be used for dust collection with extremely high dust concentration gas. The air box type pulse cloth bag dust collector is a type of divided room structure assembly type, and the chamber top pulse valve rotates each room filter bag to separate the air filter pulse dust removal. It is different from the cleaning of general spray type dust collectors. The spray pulse cleaning is only in the same filter room, which only sprays and cleans each row of filter bags, and the other The filter bag is still filtering. That is, dust cleaning and filtering are performed in the same room at the same time. The dust under the dust is flying for a second time, and part of it will be collected by the adjacent filter bag, which is not conducive to the filtration of the gas with a large dust concentration. The air box type pulse cloth bag dust collector is carried out under the condition that the valve is closed in a room and the filtering is stopped. The cleared dust is settled down in the ash half without generating secondary flying, which is extremely beneficial for filtering the gas with a large concentration of dust.


    The above is the introduction of the performance of the air box pulse dust collector

    Performance of Air Box Pulse Dust Collector


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